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God of War Heritage - Atreus visual development (fictional project)

So, the recent God of War game and it's visuals inspired me to make a new personal portfolio project to help me keep practicing character design. I couldn't do anybody else but Atreus, this time as an adult. (around 26?)
I basically tried to balance, at first, greek and norse/celtic elements on his costume design, and then I decided to go for more norse.
Also made it majority in dark tones indicating some struggle that he might be going through.
There are elements that remind him of his mother and father, Kratos.
Atreus has evolved in speed, strenght and as an archer. But now, he will recieve a gift from the Gods: the Blades of Valhala. They are a symbol of God of War franchise, so I challenged myself in doing a norse version of them.
There are also a few studies that I went through, before the final concept illustration.

God of War Heritage is a fictional project and non-profitable.
(Reference images used in boards 2 and 5 by Raf Grassetti and Igor Catto.)
I hope you enjoy

Rodrigo idalino atreus conceptfinal
Rodrigo idalino atreus board finals1
Rodrigo idalino atreus board finals2
Rodrigo idalino atreus board finals3
Rodrigo idalino atreus board finals4